January 3, 2002


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20.12.2002 Team had meeting to discuss about next years races.

6.11.2002 Markku Pirilä continued fixing Lotus Cortina for future races

18.9.2002 Tuukka began repairing Cortina GT for new endurance races.

9.8.2002 AvD Historic Marathon Nürburgring 400 race started well, but then team run in to trouble. In the beginning of the timed practice session Raimo drove couple of good laps and then gave car to Jaakko. After Jaakko”s turn Aarne went to the track, but after the second lap he noticed problems with suspension. Jukka and Ari were busy repairing the suspension between practice and start of the race. They managed to fix it just in time. Aarne was chosen to start the race. When he and other drivers went to the track it was sunny, but before end of the first lap it began to rain. Although Aarne was able to gain some places, he decided to come in to change the tires. Unfortunately just before the pitlane Cortina”s engine broke and team had to retire.

1.6.2002 Team decided to take part in Nürburgring endurance race in August with Team”s Ford Cortina GT. Lotus Cortina waits for shorter races.

7.4.2002 Tuukka begin modifying Cortina GT for endurance races.

16.1.2002 Team’s chairman Jaakko Pikkarainen visited Birmingham Autosport International Show held 11.1.2002 to keep in touch with the latest flows of motorsports. Contacts made during the show will help the team in building the cars.