January 22, 2011

10 Tenths, Axis of Oversteer and videos

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Internet is full of information and one of the forums has lots of history, news and information on motorsport. Please take a look at 10 Tenths Motorsport and its forums.

There is lots of sub-forums and especially interesting is the car and racing history from 60s, 70s and 80s.

I also recommend to read excellent Axis of Oversteer blog, whose author seems to find very interesting information and links to hot motorsport topics.

Most are familiar with YouTube, but have you ever visited vimeo.com, which brands itself has video-site for high quality videos. Take a look at gt4zone@vimeo, which has old racing videos.

April 11, 2009


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Magazines after magazines. There are so many good car magazines that it is difficult to decide which ones to order or buy. During the last few years I have been buying and reading lots of magazines. So here are few magazines that I think are the best.

Great magazine to keep up to date with all the supercars and performance cars around the world. Covers mainly cars from 21st century. Also lots of stories about travelling around the Europe and driving the best scenery roads. Also some stories related to Nurburgring. Some ads. Paper quality is high and it is published every month. Downside is the price.

This is my favourite. Covers super and performance cars from 1970s to 1990s. Lots of stories about classics and soon to be come classics. Same publishers as Evo so shares the high quality paper and high price. Lots of ads of classic cars, which makes dreaming easy. Wouldn’t it be nice to win a lottery and buy 911 Carrera 2.7 RS, AC Cobra or BMW M1 🙂

Classic & Sports Car
Another british magazine. Dedicated to “real” classic from 1950s and 1960s. Very good stories. Bit price, but has high quality paper. Has also lots of car ads.

Motor Sport
Published first time in the 1920s and is one of the top magazines. I especially like the articles that take an inside look into F1 and to other racing series. It also has good interviews with top influencers or racers like Flavio Briatore and Keke Rosberg. Continues the British style of high quality paper and high price.

Car and Driver
C/D is good magazine. Not because it has very detailed interviews or reports. It is because it is cheap and comes with bunch of news and information on the cars in the North America. $20 for one year subscription (include shipping to Finland) is just too cheap to ignore. Of course the paper is pretty thin to keep the price down.

Although most of the magazines are expensive (around 60-70€ for one year) they are worth the money. This is especially true if you are planning to buy a classic car. What are your favorite magazines. Please leave a comment and tell us.

March 30, 2008


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I made a quick visit to Nürburging to watch VLN 2008 season opening race, but unfortunately they cancelled it few days before the event. There was snow and ice next to track and so organizer decided that it is too dangerouns to race. I had already booked flights and hotel so I decided to go there anyway.

Morning at Ring

I was one of the first people on the track on Saturday morning. The track was still damp, but track dried and snow smelted away during first few hours. During the day you could spot decend amount of Porsches and BMW M3s. Also there were quite many Mitsubishi EVOs and even one Porsche GT2. On Saturday there were only few bikers. It must have been too early Spring for them.


There are construction work ongoing on Ring. It is part of the Nürburgring 2009 project.


I spend Saturday afternoon searching for good viewing points and taking photos. It was really easy to find the places thanks to list available from northloop.co.uk. There is something special on Corvette Z06 that makes it look really fast

January 3, 2007


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During 2007 we had one engine failure and couple of missed races. Jaakko drove as a guest in Svensk-Tiger team in Hockenheim.

January 3, 2006


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Gulf Historic Race Cup 2006 consist of 7 races. There will be two races per weekend (first three weekends) plus the 7th longer race in the last weekend. More information from HRF . Jaakko drove in the first event in Kemora. Then it was Kari’s turn to drive in Botniaring. Driver(s) for Ahvenisto and Alastaro are open, but most like Tero will drive one of them. For the other race we can have lottery 🙂

January 3, 2005


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During the 2005 team participated only in couple of races in Finland with red Cortina GT. In the autumn team started planning for the year 2006, which seems to be more active. Most likely team drives couple of races in Finland and one or two in Europe. More information later on.

Raimo Hämeenniemi and Jaakko Pikkarainen took part in FIA European Challenge for Historic Touring Cars race in Spa Francorchamps with team’s new Ford Cortina GT in September

Spa circuit is world famous and height differences give very special feeling racing in there. Jaakko and Raimo did not have any problems with the car, but because it lacked some horsepower compared to Lotus Cortinas and had more weight than aluminium bodied Alfas, they really had to fight for positions. Check gallery for more pictures.

January 3, 2004


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After a structly in the Artic rally the team managed to win its class (1300-1600cm3). Big thanks goes to mechanics who had some extra work to do with the car. Pictures in gallery.

Final preparations for Historic Arctic Lapland Rally (22.-24.1.2004) held in Rovaniemi have started. Pohjola Rally and testing brought up couple of minor problems that will be fixed before the rally.

Team took part at Pohjola Rally with Cortina GT. Jarmo J. Husso with Jaakko Pikkarainen as co-driver drove 000-car. This event acted as a good preparation event for the upcoming Artic Rally.

Team’s rookie driver Kari Pikkarainen took part in Historic Race Cup 2004 in Botniaring, Jurva. Results were moderate (9th in both races). Big thanks to Kari Heinonen for building the car and to Jari Salmi for borrowing a new brake pipe to replace the one that broke during the first race. Next race will be in Kemora 17.-18.7.2004

Team bought Ford Cortina GT -65 from fellow racer Jari Salmi.The car is one of the best build in the country and offers some advantages over the team’s other Cortina GT.

Kari Pikkarainen took part in the Gulf Historic Race Cup 2004 in Kemora. Results can be found from here.

January 3, 2003


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12.11.2003 Historic Arctic Lapland Rally is the next big event for the OR Racing team. Jarmo J. Husso will be driving there Cortina GT with Jaakko Pikkarainen as his co-driver. Team invited Kari Heinonen as a new team member. He will build the GT ready for the rally.

13.-14.9.2003 Jaakko, Kari and Tero Pikkarainen visited at FIA Historic GT Cup event at Spa. Spa six hour race was interesting and watching others race it gave valuable information for the team (we might be going there next year). Also they had time to see trucks racing at Zolder.

8.-10.8.2003 Team did not compete in Nürburgring, but Jaakko Pikkarainen was there to see the races live.

30.3.2003 Team decided to make inquiry about renting a car to Nürburgring”s Historic Race. Renting is seen as option compared to taking our cars from Finland to Nürburgring.

January 3, 2002


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20.12.2002 Team had meeting to discuss about next years races.

6.11.2002 Markku Pirilä continued fixing Lotus Cortina for future races

18.9.2002 Tuukka began repairing Cortina GT for new endurance races.

9.8.2002 AvD Historic Marathon Nürburgring 400 race started well, but then team run in to trouble. In the beginning of the timed practice session Raimo drove couple of good laps and then gave car to Jaakko. After Jaakko”s turn Aarne went to the track, but after the second lap he noticed problems with suspension. Jukka and Ari were busy repairing the suspension between practice and start of the race. They managed to fix it just in time. Aarne was chosen to start the race. When he and other drivers went to the track it was sunny, but before end of the first lap it began to rain. Although Aarne was able to gain some places, he decided to come in to change the tires. Unfortunately just before the pitlane Cortina”s engine broke and team had to retire.

1.6.2002 Team decided to take part in Nürburgring endurance race in August with Team”s Ford Cortina GT. Lotus Cortina waits for shorter races.

7.4.2002 Tuukka begin modifying Cortina GT for endurance races.

16.1.2002 Team’s chairman Jaakko Pikkarainen visited Birmingham Autosport International Show held 11.1.2002 to keep in touch with the latest flows of motorsports. Contacts made during the show will help the team in building the cars.

January 3, 2001


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8.8.2001 Cancellation for the AvD Oldtimer GP in Nürburging (10-12.8.2001) send, because we weren”t able to repair Lotus Cortina”s broken engine in time.

18.7.2001 Team purchased Ford Cortina GT for historic rallies and endurance races.

7. – 8.7.2001 Aarne Halmetoja drove Lotus in HRF Koni Cup 2001 in Kemora. Unfortunately Lotus had engine failure.

30.6.2001 Test session for Lotus in Kemora circuit.

14.6.2001 Entry form for the AvD Oldtimer GP in Nürburging (10-12.8.2001) send.

5.5.2001 Lotus serviced by Markku Pirilä for the coming season.

23.1.2001 Added some pictures.